Getting Started With Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Brisbane, SEO and social media marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

There are so many different digital marketing strategies and it’s hard to know where to begin. Whatever your niche is, there will be some SEO strategies you can use which will help your SEO ranking and increase the number of people who visit your site each month.  There are also a lot of social media platforms that you can create a presence on for free with just a little bit of time and effort.

If you’re not convinced about SEO or Social Media yet then perhaps I could share some interesting information with you by explaining why digital marketing is important:

– The average person spends 5 hours online every day (40% more than 10 years ago)

– 93% of marketers in 2019 claimed that SEO has high impact on their business

– Businesses that invest in SEO are 33% more likely to succeed than those who don’t

– Social media continues to grow, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

For SEO you have to consider your SEO ranking compared to other sites.  If your site is easily found on Google then people will be more likely to visit it instead of a competitors. SEO helps with social media too because if you’ve spent time and effort getting SEO right for your website then you additionally get free organic traffic from search engines (SEO). This means that you can spend time building up followers and readers on social media by sharing interesting articles and ideas with them without having to pay anything.

My Digital Marketing Journey So Far 


Here’s my journey so far with digital marketing.  I’ve learnt SEO by doing tests, reading blog posts and buying SEO guides, I’ve created a presence on social media through trying out different platforms and getting advice from others who are successful on the same platforms as the ones I’m interested in.

SEO Strategy

For My Local Business SEO is quite technical but there are some simple things you can do to improve SEO for your local business:

1) Title Tags – these need to be relevant to what your page/site is about.

2) Meta Descriptions – use keywords here if possible but try not to make it sound spammy or like an advertisement

3) URL – keep this short and sweet,’t include words that aren’t.

4) SEO Friendly URLs – make it SEO friendly by having your keywords at the start of the URL.

5) Internal Linking – use internal linking to link pages on different parts of your website together, don’t make all links blue and underlined though otherwise Google will think you’re spamming them!

6) Keywords Everywhere – embed keywords into headers, buttons, images alt tags, title tags and meta descriptions.

My Social Media Strategy & Results

Social Media Platforms are FREE to create and offer the greatest benefit for your business. There’s a high chance your customers have a heart beat, and they too enjoy spending some idle time scrolling through social media. Digital marketing can place a well timed ad, reinforce your brand, engage or offer a CTA (Call-to-action) to your website.

1) Instagram – this is a photo sharing platform, you can create an account for free. Content, content, content. If Gary Vee has taught us anything it’s just get the message out. Build followers up organically – you don’t need have access to high-quality editing tools. I’m guessing there’s a phone in your pocket with a camera on it. CONTENT.

2) Facebook. Pages & Groups – I joined groups relevant to my niche , commented on posts and shared some of our blog posts. You can do this too, just be sure not to sound over salesy, and offer some genuine information about the industry your in. You can also cross post from IG to Facebook too so you can share the same piece of content across both channels and save time. More about Facebook ads later..

3) Twitter – I did the same as above but tweeted relevant articles from our blog too .

4) LinkedIn – We do SEO for local businesses so we created a LinkedIn group that people could join if they were interested in SEO for their business.  We then shared some of our blog posts in this group and got a good response to it too !

5) Tik-tok – I can hear the sigh in many people at the mentioned of Tik-tok, but the reality is, only a decade ago people would tell me they’d never have a Facebook Business page because that was for kids. Sound familiar?

Tik-tok is where the attention of many people go in their idle time. Content is likely to get shared and seen far more than any platform. The cost-per-click on Tik-Tok is about what Facebooks was over 10 years ago. If you have a e-commerce store or want to test Tik-tok against your traditional ad strategy, you’ll be surprised how far a small budget can go in this platform. It requires content, so whip that phone out and start talking to your audience.

6) My Blog – I have used my own blog to share SEO tips, social media marketing tips and SEO tools that we recommend. The SEO information at the top (e.g WordPress SEO by Yoast ) is useful but not related enough to my overall topic so isn’t SEO friendly for Google, however the SEO information in the middle (blog posts with links within them) are specifically about SEO and contain keywords that people will search for when looking up SEO.


I hope you found this post useful! Please feel free to send me an email if you want to learn more about SEO or how digital marketing can help you reach more of your targeted audience.