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  1. Hundreds of businesses across Australia have transformed their paid search campaigns by allowing our SEM consulting experts to handle their PPC efforts. Clients who have taken advantage of our expert consulting services have experienced: 
Whether you are an experienced PPC advertiser or a newcomer to paid search, our SEM consulting experts can assist with every aspect of your campaigns and maximise your ROI

Customer Will Search Online Before Contacting You.

Top Tips For Professionals

Competitor Research

As is the case in every vertical, competitor research is a major key to success. It allows you to find out what your biggest competitors are bidding on and, more importantly, what they’re saying.


“The average client is not going to travel further than they need to.” Fact, not opinion. Most likely you’re servicing people in a local area. Geo-modifiers in your keyword ad groups with a data set get better CTR and lower cost per conversion. 

Conversion Tracking

CREAM (Calls Rule Everything Around Me) Deliver actionable conversions. Phone calls! Tracking these is highly important to ensure we optimise for the right parts of the campaign

Marketing Strategy

Custom marketing strategies based on your current systems and goals. Talk to us about multi-location campaign strategies.

Analyse Data

Lets look at your current data that we can leverage to generate more customers.

Dev System

Like a well oiled machine, the systems need to run smooth. If there are systems gaps we will implement the right strategies for you.

Bring New Customers

The goal of any marketing is usually to bring more customers. Talk to a tried and tested team who can show you step by step how we can help you grow.

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Tell Your Brand Story

Digital marketing in todays world is now more important than ever before. To grow your business you’re likely going to require more customers and more sales. Digital marketing campaigns tell your brand story, engage new customers, and drive them into your business. GJ Digital is a digital marketing agency specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media marketing, Google Advertising and building websites that convert traffic into customers. We help small and medium sized businesses grow and build their bottom line.

Engage and Connect with you Customers


How does your website rank among the competition? Let's run an audit and get your website back in shape and on top of the rankings.


When people know what they want the directly search for it. Google Ads are a great way to generate leads and immediate results for your business.

Social Media​​

Build brand awareness, and reach your targeted audience with a well placed and beautifully timed Ads with Social Media Advertising.

Web Design​

A great website is like having a full time sales person. Make your website attract more customers with beautiful templates or custom designs.